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     Marla Moretti and Greg Vanderveen have been involved with music for much of their lives.  In the fall of 2010 they had been invited to provide music for a church members' wedding.  Having enjoyed the experience of working together they decided to pursue opportunities to share a variety of music styles including: rock and pop classics, acoustic favorites, country and praise.

    Greg had been the lead guitarist and co-founder of the classic rock group "Pegasus" which was active from 1975 to 2001, and has played the guitar for fifty years. 

     The songs that Greg and Marla perform are created by him on a digital recorder.  He plays various instruments (the 6 string guitar is his primary instrument), bass guitar, does some of the keyboard parts (or has friends lay down tracks), uses a Yamaha keyboard to create and play horns and strings, and uses a Roland drum machine for drum tracks.  The completed recordings are then processed through their Bose sound system as they sing live and Greg plays guitar.  In additions to vocals, Marla adds percussion with claves, tambourine or egg shakers.

The result is a great sound mix at a comfortable listening volume and a great variety of music.


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